Into The Mirror

It was Sunday when my board mates and I decided to watch this Korean horror movie. The title of this Korean film was "Into The Mirrors", of 2003, a debut film by Director Kim Sung-ho. What I find it most interesting is that, this is the Korean version of the 2008 film by Alexandre Aja, and stars Kiefer Sutherland, entitled "Mirrors". Though the Into The Mirror was the first to be released, the Mirrors was not it's remake. Anyways, let's not talked about the "Mirrors" because I'm here to review the "Into The Mirror".

So, "Into The Mirror", starring Yu Ji-Tae, Kim Myeong-min, Kim Hye-na, and Gi Ju-bong, is a Korean horror film was about some series of horrible deaths of a department store, Dreampia. And this series of death events was caused by haunting soul of a woman murdered and trap into the mirror. She began to find her revenge by murdering each one that caused her death.

The series of murder called the attention of Woo Yeong-min (Yu Ji-Tae) the newly hired Chief Security of the building, which his uncle, happens to be the Chairman of the company. Yeong-min believe that the deaths was not actually suicide as what the police have thought. As a police detective from his past job, Yeong-min tries to find out whats behind this vengeful deaths.

The film actually has many twist-and-turn that you'll definitely enjoy. Together with it's heart pounding creepy effects, it is also interesting because you'll be able to see how mysteries were solved. You'll also be interested in how the movie explicate the concept of parallel worlds within the mirror and the reality. Plus, it's not all horror but also a detective film. I too enjoyed solving the puzzles of the film. Generating possibities of what was the cause, and what will be the next. Although there are some scenes that you'll find it hard to understand, in the end, the movie is truly one of a kind.


Yeah... Another Korean movie, a romance of two people, you might find this boring because like any other story, the girl meets the guy (or the other way around); they fell in love and end a tragic story. But wait! See the movie deeper and you'll find that this is different. You'll find yourself laughing and then find yourself cries. So here's a little preview for those who haven't seen this Korean movie.

Kyungjin (Jeon Ji Hyun, My Sassy Girl), a kicking-ass female cop who meets Myungwoo(Jang Hyuk), a soft-hearted teacher. Their first meeting was a comedy; Myungwoo was chasing a thief, and was hit by Kyungjin’s shoe, which happens to be the store, and arrested Myungwoo by mistake. As the two became friends, Myungwoo would assist Kyungjin chase after criminals. They fell in love with each other but as their romance flourished, a tragedy will change their lives forever.

What to expect from the movie, there’s a scene in the movie that “it” appears at the start and you’ll see “it” in the end. You have to figure it out. You will be amazed of how the characters expressions and emotions changed from time to time. It is also amazing how the scriptwriters used the wind to portray the presence of the guy in a scene. Knowing that Myungwoo is always at the side of Kyungjin, she could feel him but it’s painful for his not touchable. The story is tragic but still, you’ll be satisfied on the ending. Find it out yourself.

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